An amazing spiritual experience of personal growth and peace
in the city of Angkor.

Go deep into your mind

Our meditation is based on the Vipassana Anapanasati, guided by the voice and associated with the tibetan bowls vibrations, allowing the processus of liberation of the mind.

Enjoy your stay in Siem Reap, the city of Angkor.  Our meditation retreats take place in Blue Indigo Yoga, a unique and relaxing space for holistic health. 

Join us for an incredible spiritual experience with an experienced meditation teacher. Take a look at your life and regain control of your emotions. 

Customers reviews

What people say?

Asita is an extremely kind and welcoming individual, he invited me to join on a guided meditation with several others. While at first apprehensive, I quickly came to appreciate the many benefits. In my opinion, it is invaluable to find someone as concise as Asita when looking to get the most out of meditation. I ended up attending daily for close to a month and have made an enduring daily habit.
I think very highly of Asita, he is person with the big and very kind heart. I felt very safe, very supported and cared for in his presence. It feels like a shining light of kindness just radiates from him. Anyone who comes across him will be very lucky, very well looked after and will have nothing to worry of. I really appreciate my experience meeting him and getting to know that such people exist out there.

The benefits of meditation


Stress relief

Reduce your stress and anxiety by learning meditation


Get rid of obstructing thoughts and focus on the essential. 


Improve the quality of your sleep by clearing your mind. 


Develop your empathy and improve your relationships with people. 

Mental health

Reach a profund state of well-being and inner peace.