did I
a magnetizer - Reiki?

These last few years, I met hundreds of people, especially travelers. I realized that many of them suffered from personal problems. In fact, a lot of travelers are looking for a new life. Often, they are trying to escape the worries of their daily lives. Traveling is their lifeline. But generally, leaving for 1 to 6 months is not going to solve their problems because when they come back, problems remain the same. It’s usually a headlong rush. Those people never thought of getting help from a third person. 

After several meetings, I helped them to feel better in their mind and to be in tune with themselves. I was surprised to receive so many thankful messages and reviews. These people have evolved and in many cases, I offered them solutions. This is why I became a magnetizer Reiki. I want to provide assistance to all these people who are suffering. 

Being a meditation teacher and practicing magnetizer allowed me to have a certain perspective on life, to be in empathy, to be benevolent, to understand the suffering of people and to lead them to regain confidence in themselves.

Do you think you need help?

I can accompany you in order to restore your confidence,  find answers to your questions, and refocus on what is important.

What do I offer?

I offer sessions magnetizer Reiki to help you overcome your challenges and guide you in your path of growth. 

Contact me by email to set an appointment.